I graduated from Unitec New Zealand with a Bachelor of Architecture in 2007. In 2010 I was accepted as a Registered Architect by the New Zealand Registered Architects Board. I am a member of the New Zealand Institute of Architects and the coordinator of a local Practice Support Group.

I have a keen interest in natural building and appropriate technology. I am the Treasurer of the Earth Building Association of New Zealand and I assisted with the revision of the New Zealand Earth Building Standards in 2018 - 2019. I am also a member of the Building Lime Forum and the NZ Farm Forestry Association.

I have a passion for animals and nature. I am a life member of the Koanga Institute (a charitable trust focused on saving our New Zealand heritage food plants). I also like to walk, run and ski in my spare time.


I believe in Utilitarianism i.e. the greatest good.

I also believe that the challenges of our age are not insurmountable. We need to reconnect with the old, gentle ways of doing things. We need to relearn that which our pre-industrial ancestors knew and combine this knowledge with appropriate technologies and lifestyle choices. This is the only way we can right our course and regenerate our planet.

Not too many generations ago, people built shelter in the local vernacular with the resources they had to hand. They created natural, healthy and sustainable buildings that have lasted the test of time. We need to relearn these techniques, adapt them to our changing environments and combine them with other appropriate technologies. We need to do this to enable future generations to live and thrive in a regenerative manner.

As a Registered Architect I am versed in dealing with Councils, builders and other tradesmen and I have experience with all aspects of conventional western construction.

My path is to now focus on Natural Building using traditional materials such as earth, straw, stone and naturally durable timber. My mission is to do this so I can help others build and be a part of the solution i.e. to be good stewards, facilitating the regeneration of our planet.