Country cottage, Auckland

Traditionally proportioned home on the rural outskirts of Auckland. The design has been split into three sections or ‘mini houses’ to better reflect the scale of historic cottages. The timber framed structure will be infilled with light earth construction and will have a thick internal earthen plasters for thermal and humidity regulation.

Dormers pop up through the roof to allow the low winter sun in but not the high summer sun. This results in passive warmth during winter without summer overheating. The main roofs are to be clad in differing coloured natural quarried slates with clay crested ridges and clay finials by Gargoyles & Dragons, Australia. The lean-to and verandah will have standing seam copper roofs.

Local Auckland blue stone will be used to face the chimney, foundation walls and raised planters, and the lime mortar will be smeared along the faces to resemble traditional ‘poor man’s schist’ or ‘bagged stonework’.

Herbs and seasonal vegetables will be planted along the front of the verandah within easy access to the kitchen in the raised stone planter.

Four different flooring materials will be used. Stone, cob, mud brick and timber for variety and to help define the internal spaces.

The house is a comfortable 3 bedroom home, 110 m² in size. It’s small to reduce the building’s environmental footprint, save on construction costs and better reflect a historic ‘cute as a button' little country cottage.