Invermay Corner, cottage industry

Outside of Architecture I like to engage in other creative endeavours such as gardening, fermenting alcohol, working with wood and playing with clay.

Little clay house

Hand sculpted ceramic houses, painted with underglazes and sometimes combined into scenes with wire, nails, branches and other assorted materials.

Plant pond

Self watering, double walled, earthenware plant pot. Painted with underglazes. Water is drawn in from the reservoir via capillary action to hydrate the plant. It is based on a buried 'Olla', a historic Spanish irrigation technology.


Blackbutt, reclaimed oregon and tawa bookshelf. Assembled without any glue, nails or screws.

Homemade wine

Dry seasonal fruit wines including honey, orange, watermelon, pear and apple which I've fermented and bottled.

Private garden

I designed and built my courtyard garden in 2011 and now enjoy relaxing and pottering about in it.