Light earth cottage, Great Barrier Island

Petite cottage in a bush setting, overlooking Awana valley on Great Barrier Island. The cottage will consist of a timber framed structure with light earth infill. The light earth will be composed of local reeds and clay. A full verandah will wrap the home and protect the lime render. Burnt timber cladding will form the skin to the un-protected walls.

The aim is to use as many reclaimed and local materials as possible. Salvage timber joinery will be used, as will be reclaimed timber flooring. The home will be built by the owner with community and volunteer assistance.

The cottage will be off-grid with a composting toilet. Solar collectors will be used for power and summer hot water. In winter, a Homewood range will provide the heating, hot water, and cooking services. The plan is to have a low cob wall behind the range for fire protection and thermal mass.

Partition walls will separate the bedrooms. The living area will contain built in bench seats to save space.

A low drystone retaining wall will be formed to the uphill side of the house to even out the platform.

A food forrest and kitchen garden will be created to serve the dwelling, in keeping with the clients permaculture philosophy.

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