Mud brick tiny house, Taumarunui

Mud brick, storey and a half, tiny home in Taumarunui, in the central plateau of the North Island, New Zealand.

The building will use salvage timber joinery, and either reclaimed wooden weatherboards, or locally milled heart cypress siding.

The adobe walls will be 280 mm thick low density mud brick, for better insulation. Externally they will be lime rendered with a multi-coat lime wash finish, and internally the will be clay plastered.

A whole house fan will keep the building cool in summer, with louvred timber gable vents for the air to escape.

A cob earthen floor will act as the thermal store in the cold winter months for passive solar design.

A mezzanine will extend to half of the main building, and will contain the bedroom.

The off grid home will have a humanure composting toilet, buried concrete water tanks, solar PV panels, and a wood stove with wetback.

An outdoor sink will be used for homegrown organic food preparation under the verandah.

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