Straw bale Kerikeri, Northland

Straw bale and timber frame home outside of Kerikeri, in the Bay of Islands. The home is based on permaculture principles, and uses passive solar design.

The infill bales will have an external lime render and mineral paint finish where protected by a 1:1 eave to wall ratio. Oiled timber rain screen cladding will be used on less protected walls. Large verandahs wrap around three sides of the building, and a protected courtyard is positioned to the leeward side of the house.

Internally, clay plasters will finish the walls, and the floor will be made of earth, with a dense hardening oil and wax finish. Untreated lawson cypress will be used both internally and externally, and will be oiled and waxed as appropriate.

External joinery will be western red cedar, and reclaimed doors will be used inside.

The pitched ‘double roof’ will have R6.4 insulation, and will be clad in corrugated iron.

Hard landscaping will be comprised of low drystone retaining walls using local Northland stone, and herringbone brick paving. The site is to be planted in regenerative native bush.

This home is being built by the owner in the kiwi DIY tradition, using the owner builder exemption in the NZ building code.

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