Links to my friends in the local natural building community and to other inspiring people.

Bio Build - Alan Drayton’s earth and natural building construction company. Building Biology expert. Auckland based.

Building Limes Forum - The Building Limes Forum exists to encourage expertise and understanding in the appropriate use of building limes and education in the standards of production, preparation, application and after-care.

Built on Biology - Susanne Brutscher, interior designer and building biology practitioner. Auckland based.

Earth Building Association of New Zealand (EBANZ) - Promoting the art and science of earth and natural building.

Graeme North, Architect - Graeme is the foremost expert in earth and natural construction in New Zealand. He is semi retired but I use him as a consultant on my natural building projects.

Hemp Building Association New Zealand (HBANZ) - Promoting & supporting hemp construction. Jo Say is very passionate about this method and happy to support others on their hemp building journey.

Jimmy Cotter - Jimmy has over 25 years experience in rammed earth and has built over 60 rammed earth buildings throughout New Zealand. Wanaka based.

Limewave - Stephen Moller, specialist in natural plasters, renders and paints. European trained. Auckland based.

Lucy Dixon - Competent natural plasterer and renderer. South Island based.

Mark Nobel - Mark is an artist working with natural paints and pigments. He can do murals suitable for eco buildings. Rotorua based.

NZ Farm Forestry Association - Promoting the wise use of trees for profit, amenity, sustainability and the environment.

Rose Tuffery - Rose loves working with clay. She is a competent earthen plasterer and ceramic artist. Coromandel based.

Simple Humus Toilet - Artist Thomas Lauterbach demonstrates an elegant “DIY” composting toilet. The concept was introduced to him by Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

Solid Earth Adobe Buildings - Verena Maeder, earth building construction and brick manufacturer. European trained. Nelson based.

Stefan Warnaar - Specialising in traditional rammed earth walls and floors without cement, with techniques learnt in Europe. Also working with Tadelakt. Christchurch based.

Straw Home HB - Pat Mawson is an experienced straw bale builder. Current Chairman of the Earth Building Association of New Zealand. Hawke’s Bay based.

Thijs Drupsteen - Thijs is consulting engineer experienced in the use of natural and earth materials. Northland based.

Tim Oldham - Tim is a very experienced natural and earth builder.

Simple Permaculture Based Grey Water Treatment System - Episode of Living Big In A Tiny House where Bryce Langston visits Murray's tiny house and gets a tour of his DIY grey water treatment system.